Joshua Ferdman

Leadership Blogger & Consultant

As a serial entrepreneur, Joshua dedicates his time to writing about and consulting on effective leadership practices in the 21st century. He has more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a leader, and he uses this experience to help guide current and future leaders in the business world.

Leadership Blog

Click below to read about Joshua’s extensive experience as a leader and what he recommends for aspiring business executives in the 21st century. He writes about recommended leadership styles, entrepreneurship best-practices, the newest and coolest start-ups, and so much more.

Leadership Consultant

Joshua uses his 15 years of experience and leadership skills to consult for businesses that want to take the next step in effective leadership. He will work with your company’s executives and/or managers and train them to lead in the way that best fits your company culture. For more information and to speak with Joshua about consulting for your company, contact him below.

Joshua helped our company’s managers learn how to lead in a way that works for us. He taught us about a variety of different leadership styles and helped us blend them together to create something that works. We’re very thankful for his help!

Joshua worked with us to make our leadership style better. Our employees have noticed a huge difference and our work productivity has gone way up.

Denver Robinsons

Joshua helped us identify and solve our internal communication problems. We now lead more effectively and run more efficiently as a company.